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Tarot Deck Review: The Wild Unknown

October 7, 2018

 About a year and a half ago I started studying how to read tarot cards, and one of the earliest things I did was try and find a deck I loved. I don't know why but one of the things that stood out to me early in my research and learning was that you should try and find a deck that you connect to spiritually. The Wild Unknown Deck has been my deck of choice for over a year now so I think I'm well equipped to finally examine the deck in closer detail and also give you some insight to how readings I've conducted have gone in terms of the quality of the reading and the general feel of the cards and its overarching message.


 The cards are made with a high quality matte material that almost feels like satin to the touch, and they are presented in a strong, sleek cardboard box with a black ribbon to help you get the cards out without damaging them.

 If like me you ordered the cards sans guidebook, you still get a small and very basic introduction to the nature of the cards themselves. From what I've read however, even the TWU guidebook is rudimentary and doesn't actually go into detail about the deeper meaning behind Kim Krans' choice of imagery. As such you'll want to invest in a more in depth tarot card guide book so bare that in mind - this isn't the easiest deck to learn tarot on (especially since the names of the minor arcana are absent from the cards except for their royal suits), but its fairly straightforward and doesn't outwardly question the traditional tarot format, but I'll get into some of its complexities shortly. It's a very rewarding deck once you are familiar with its workings. 

 The artwork is composed of black and white line drawings that focus on natural images; animals and earthen symbols borne of the wood blended with carefully placed moments of galactic-esque watercolour. The artwork is as hypnotic as it is wild, capturing  both the quiet and looming essence of the world we occupy. I was drawn to the deck immediately and the artwork played a big role in that. 
 There is also no human imagery present in the deck, so interpretation and symbolism are very important. As such the reader (or seeker as TWU deck implies) must believe fully in their ability to ascertain and interpret - unfolding truths is a big part of this deck which is partly why it hasn't been an easy deck to begin on.

 So after a year of readings I think that I can safely say this deck has a very vibrant personality. Readings are clear, concise and incredibly strong-willed. If you've ever had a friend that's blunt with you in all the ways you need; a friend who will tell you exactly what you need to hear even if its not the response you're looking for - that's what this deck is like.

 It finds the answers you know are the truth, it just takes a second pair of eyes to truly make you see. These cards reveal and confront, and if you're looking for easy answers I can promise you will find none. Its a deck to learn from, and it has taught me to ask better questions of myself.


Example Spread

 Please don't think that means every spread you'll get will be doom, gloom and sassy backchat. Here is a spread from the beginning of my pregnancy. I was very anxious in my first trimester because of how prevalent miscarriage is within my family. I was afraid I would get to the twelve week scan and be told that there was no heart beat. I was an anxious mess, even though I knew my fears would make no difference to the result of the scan.

 So I did what I could, and I asked my cards about how I should conduct myself throughout the duration of my pregnancy. My interpretation of the spread was very much a reassuring and positive one; innocence, knowledge and clarity. This spread, and my deck, told me to trust in my research and readings. A friend of mine who also reads tarot interpreted the hierophant to represent the medical staff involved in my pre and post-natal care. I wanted to show this spread, to explain that plain truths are not always harsh ones. Sometimes they are the hand on the shoulder, and the reminder that everything is going to be alright.


When I first purchased this deck, I had to get it imported from the US as it wasn't stocked in the UK. Luckily for you however, Amazon are now official stockists of the tarot deck, so it is now much more affordable than when I purchased it. I hope you found this review enlightening, and if you do invest in TWU, that you find it as rewarding as I do.


Wild Unknown Tarot: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wild-Tarot-Guidebook-Official-Keepsake/dp/0062466593/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539722129&sr=8-1&keywords=the+wild+unknown


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