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My Bachelors Dissertation: Feminism & Advertising

October 16, 2018

 Toady's post is more of a feature than a discussion post; last year I finished my bachelor's degree and I wrote a bomb-ass paper at the end of my final year and its just been sitting in a digital drawer gathering dust. So I'm here to provide you with a link and you can head over and read my dissertation thesis on the Academia.edu website.

 As a side note, if you're looking for papers and you don't have access to them its a great way to get both free access and direct contact with the academics whose work you may need permission to view. In any case, enjoy!



 In late 2016 the fashion company H&M released an advert, celebrating the feminist ideals centering body positivity and self-acceptance. However in that same year an in-depth study found that in Cambodia and India, H&M supplier factories were routinely responsible for taking advantage of and abusing their staff members, including firing their staff for becoming pregnant. This article shall explore the ideological consequences of organizations like H&M performing feminism and feminist ideology in ways that contradict their active capitalist practices.

 A key source when analyzing these materials includes We Were Feminists Once (New York City: PublicAffairs, 2016), which examines how feminism has developed into a commodified movement almost entirely separate from its feminist activist roots. As such, this article will explore how Ziesler’s claims in We Were Feminists Once come to fruition by arguing how emotion and feminist criticism contribute to Ziesler’s established ideologies. This article will also consider Audi’s Super Bowl advert and its relationship to ideological signposting, where the argument shall develop on to consider how developments in 2017’s contemporary culture have either played into or moved on from Ziesler’s arguments.

 This article considers the relationship that Ziesler’s concept of marketplace feminism has to the feminist movement overall and explores the ethical problems of economical engagement by established bodies of power that balance both financial gain and ideological development. The Developments of Performative Feminism in Advertising places itself in arguing for how these two case studies relate or challenge Ziesler’s theories whilst also considering where her work relates to a wider critique of feminist principle.


Read My Dissertation: https://www.academia.edu/37593738/The_Developments_of_Pe



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